Heating your water with an electric water heater is simple and efficient. Marathon water heaters are non-metallic tanks which means your water heater will NEVER rust out. The Marathon has at least two inches of polyurethane foam insulation around the entire tank - top, bottom, and sides!

An electric Marathon water heater offers many advantages over propane or natural-gas units. First of all, the water heater is made from polybutylene. The tank will never rust out and will look good even in a damp environment. The water heater is bowl-shaped on the bottom to permit complete drainage of scale and sediment.

An electric water heater is simple to install because it requires no gas piping or chimney. Renville-Sibley offers incentive rates to make electric water heating your safest, most efficient water heating source. Marathon water heaters come in various sizes and capacities to meet your every need.



  • $6.00/gallon Marathon Lifetime Warranty Units
  • $1,300.00 (plus tax) cost to purchase a 100-gallon Marathon Water Heater after rebates.
  • $1,200.00 (plus tax) cost of Marathon for new construction or fossil fuel conversion for 100-gallon model.
  • Must be connected to the load management system. 
  • $6.50 monthly credit for controlled electric water heater


100 Gallons


 70. 3/4"


30 1/4"

Cost Without Rebate:


Renville-Sibley Rebate:


East River Rebate:


Total After Rebate:

$1,300.00 (+ tax)