Renville-Sibley’s 83rd annual meeting was held on Thursday, June 24h at the Island Ballroom in Bird Island. Drawings for early bird prizes were held at 5:45 pm. Board chairman Roger Manthei presided over the meeting. Gary Eekhoff gave the invocation. Alan Neyers read the notice of the meeting and gave the financial report. CEO DeeAnne Newville gave an update on the new facility project. The information shared can be found in DeeAnne’s article on pages 2, 11 and 14 of the August Cooperative Connections newsletter. Information on the district elections was presented by Whitey Hinderman. 

Matt Haubrich and Gary Peterson presented the scholarship awards. This year, there were a total of 7 applications received. Back in February, the committee made the decision to award a $1,000 scholarship to all applicants. The winners are as follows:

Basin Electric Scholarship – Makayla Lagerwall

Renville-Sibley Scholarship (funded from the general fund) – Abby Mulder

Renville-Sibley Scholarships (funded from unclaimed capital credit checks):

Ashley Frank

Kamren Freitag

Madyson Herdina

Harlie Rubischko

Whitney Wordes

Roger Manthei announced the results of the elections. They are as follows: District 1 – Alan Neyers, District 2 – Helen Ruebel and District 3 – Gary Peterson.  Roger thanked the Athmann family for hosting Renville-Sibley’s annual meeting at the Island Ballroom since 1986. Two representatives of the family came forward to accept a bouquet of flowers as a thank you gift from the cooperative.

Drawings were held for the remaining prizes before the meal was served. Thank you to all who took the time to attend Renville-Sibley’s 83rd annual meeting.

Prize winners were as follows: (red = children’s gifts)

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Shirley Allen

UltraSonic Pest Repellers – Dan Kaufenberg

Mega Paint Chalk Markers – Amara Kaufenberg

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Gens Farm Account – Darrell Gens

20-piece Standard Bungee Cords – Dale Kiecker

Collapsible Cooler – Joel Bakker

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Ramona Warner

$25 Target Gift Card – Mike/Rebecca Lagerwall

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Don Schroeder

16” Oscillating Stand Fan – Harvey Mathiowetz

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Christopher Lee

Microfiber Mop – Barb Woltjer

$25 Cenex gift card – Gilbert Borth

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Tom Breitkreutz

Power Cord Holder – Jeff Sindelir

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Connie Mulder

Dirt Devil cordless cleaner – Norb Serbus

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – James Lippert

Perfect Egg Maker – Robert Fredrickson

Backyard Sport Fishing – Brenden Lee

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Russ Nere

$25 Cenex gift card – Gary Simondet

Bostitch reverse squeeze staple gun – Jim Peterson

$25 Target Gift Card – Mike Bratsch

Lawn Darts Set – Steve/Pam Benson

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Stan Prokosch

Motion Activated light control – Roger Freitag

Slip’n Slide – Maya Rieke

$25 Cenex gift card – Leon Greenslit

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Danelle Borth

31-piece tool set – Eiler Farms, Ronald/Nancy Eiler

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Bernard Kohout Trust

Finch feeder – Larry Brown

Inflatable Easel – Avery Rieke

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Butch Buschette

$25 Cenex gift card – Jerome Kiecker

Twin dispensers with stand – James Kosak

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Dave Lang

Kick Croquet – Anika Lee

$25 Energy Gift Certificate – Dale Frank

LED Rechargeable Work Light – Tom Rau

$25 Target Gift Card – David/Deb Pastoors

Garment Bag – ER gift – Mike/Becky Jaenisch


Coloring contest winners were as follows:

0 – 4 years old: no entries

5 – 8 years old: Maya Rieke

9 – 12 years old: Anabel Kaufenberg

The winners received a $10 Dairy Queen gift card.


Renville-Sibley's 2020 Annual Report