Renville-Sibley’s 85th Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, March 30th at Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls. The guest speaker was Renville-Sibley member, Barbara Marks of Engan Associates Architects. Barbara shared information and progress pictures on the New Facility Project. Alan Neyers, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, reviewed the results of the 2022 Financial Audit. CEO DeeAnne Norris expressed her gratitude to employees, board members, and project partners for their hard work in bringing the new Renville-Sibley facility to reality. She announced the opening date for the new location to members and the public, scheduled for August 7, 2023, and encouraged attendance at the open house/tour scheduled for August 22, 2023. Additionally, Norris presented highlights from her experience co-leading a group of graduate students on a week-long tour in collaboration with the Electric Cooperative Innovation Center (ECIC). She emphasized the importance of small cooperatives like Renville-Sibley participating in projects, tours, and research while representing members' interests in the energy transition.

Information on the district elections was presented by Director Gary Peterson.

Director Matt Haubrich and Director Kylie Rieke presented the scholarship awards selected by the committee. They were as follows:

$1,000 Basin Electric – Annika Nosbush

$1,000 Renville-Sibley sponsored scholarship – Keegan Lorang

$1,000 Renville-Sibley sponsored scholarship – Kayln Hellendrung

The Scholarship Committee also elected to select four additional $1,000 scholarships from the remaining applicants funded by unclaimed capital credits that are over seven years old. They were as follows:

Adam Schrupp

Madalyn Nachreiner

Isaac Haen

Cora Watson

Directors elected to serve a 3-year term were as follows:

District 1 – Kylie Rieke

District 2 – Jeff Boersma

District 3 – Roger Manthei

Miss Becky’s Catering prepared and served the meal following the meeting.

Thank you to all who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend Renville-Sibley’s 85th Annual Meeting!


Renville-Sibley's 2022 Annual Report