All Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association members have the opportunity to elect a director to represent the members in their district.  Each district is represented by three (3) directors on the board. An election is held each year for one director from each district. Therefore, three (3) directors will be elected during that time, each for a 3-year term.

Ballots are mailed to all members prior to the annual meeting which is typically held the end of March (see the March or April newsletter each year for the specific date). Members can mail their ballot back to the office (must be received by the date of the annual meeting) or bring the ballot to the annual meeting. Ballots will be counted during the annual meeting with the elected directors announced at the close of the meeting.

Below are the guidelines for any member interested in running for the board of directors.

As stated in the Renville-Sibley by-laws, the following is the Qualifications and Tenure for the position of Director:

Each director shall be a member of the Cooperative and shall be elected by the members within their respective district at the annual meeting of the members for a term of three years. No member shall be eligible to become or remain a director or to hold any position of trust in the Cooperative who is not a bona fide resident in the area served by the Cooperative, or who is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative, or a business primarily engaged in selling electrical or space heating/cooling appliances, fixtures, or supplies to the members. When a membership is held jointly by two or more persons, including husband and wife, only one of such joint tenants may be elected a director, provided, however, that neither one shall be eligible to become a director, unless all shall meet the qualifications herein set forth.

Director qualifications required for service to the cooperative shall include:

  1. Must be an individual and must be at least 18 years of age. 
  1. Must be competent and able to execute a contract.
  1. Must not have been convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor during the preceding 5 years prior to becoming a director for the Cooperative or during the period while serving as a director. 
  1. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  1. Must make a reasonable effort to become and remain knowledgeable about special issues regarding electric cooperatives by attending training, workshops and seminars.
  1. Must attend at least three-fourths (3/4) of all monthly scheduled board meetings during any twelve (12) month period. 

Upon becoming a candidate for and/or to remain a Director, an individual must complete an annual conflict of interest disclosure form, approved by the Board of Directors. All Directors and/or Director candidates must comply with or meet the following conflict of interest qualifications:

A. Shall not be a close relative of an existing Director, employee, agent or representative of the Cooperative other than an existing Director who will cease being a Director upon the candidate assuming office;

B. Within 5 years immediately prior to becoming a Director, shall not have been a Cooperative Officer, employee, agent or representative of the Cooperative or any subsidiary or affiliated company;

C. Shall not be employed by, materially affiliated with, nor share a material financial interest with any current Director;

D. Shall not be engaged in any business, nor employed by, nor materially affiliated with, nor have a material financial interest in any individual or entity that:

  1. Is regularly, directly, and substantially competing with the Cooperative or any other entity that the Cooperative controls or in which the Cooperative owns a majority interest (Cooperative Subsidiary).
  1. Is regularly selling goods and services to the Cooperative or the Cooperative Subsidiary.
  1. Possesses a substantial conflict of interest with the Cooperative or the Cooperative subsidiary.

E. A former Director is ineligible for employment by the Cooperative for 5 years following the end of the tenure as a Director.

As a Director, the member agrees to:

  • Abide by, promote and uphold the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, both of which can be found on our website, and Policies of Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association.
  • Attend regular and special Board meetings of the Cooperative.
  • Attend, when appointed, committee meeting of the Cooperative.

If anyone should decide to seek candidacy for the board of directors, there are many rewards to be enjoyed when elected.  A director has the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership quality and increase their knowledge within the cooperative business environment and the electric industry.  As a director, this person could play a significant role in the future development of Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association. 

A director also has a very important responsibility which is to uphold and abide the bylaws of the cooperative.  Directors are to act as the trustees for the assets of the cooperative and are assigned the duties of formulating, approving and reviewing the policies that provide guidelines for the cooperative.

The board is responsible for sending representatives to the affiliated association meetings that often include voting requirements.  They include East River Electric Power Cooperative, Minnesota Rural Electric Association, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, National Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, CoBank, Cooperative Network and the National Rural Electric Association. 

Directors attend seminars and meetings of several organizations to learn about the industry.  Directors are asked to lobby and remain informed on legislative issues that could impact this industry and/or the cooperative way of doing business.  The Board meets monthly and reviews financial reports, work plans, annual audits, planning documents and evaluates the cooperative operations while approving budgets and purchases.

Most of all, a director should be available to visit with their constituents and have a genuine spirit of helping others at all times. 

Board meetings are typically held at RSCPA's headquarters, on the fourth Tuesday of every month, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in December, January and February and beginning at 8:00 a.m. the rest of the year.  The estimated time needed to be committed annually is approximately 30 days which includes monthly meetings and committee assignments.  Directors are compensated per diem for their time as well as all personal expenses. 

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Renville-Sibley Board of Directors, contact the Renville-Sibley office at 1-800-826-2593 for further information.