Construction on Renville-Sibley's new facility has begun. Below is a timeline of the project milestones. Click the time-lapse link below to see the progress of the facility.


New Facility Timeline

  1. March 2020

    RSCPA Board approves building a new facility

  2. June 2020 - May 2021

    Employees design the new facility with the help of Engan Associates Architects.

  3. July 2021

    First bid opening

  4. August - December 2021

    Project redesigned to include precast concrete option

  5. January 2022

    Second bid Opening. RSCPA accepts bids for the new facility Breitbach Construction Co. will be the General Contractor

  6. July 2022

    Earthwork on the new facility begins

  7. October 2022

    Precast concrete structure arrives and is installed

  8. November 2022

    Asphalt pavement and concrete sidewalks installed (weather permitting)

  9. December 2022 - May 2023

    Work inside the structure takes place

  10. June/July 2023

    Move Into New Facility