Why settle for less when you can own a clean and safe electric grill? These grills feature thermostatic controls and three- position cooking elements.

Not only will these electric grills give you the great taste you expect from outdoor cooking, but there is no charcoal or lava rock to mess with and no LP tanks to fill. Just plug your grill in, sit back and enjoy.

So stop by the Renville-Sibley office and check out a new Electric Grill so you can barbecue the easy way - no propane bottles and never run out of gas!

9359Mecco 9358 Electric Grill | $250 +Tax


  • Thermostatic Controls and Variable 1670-Watt, UL-Listed
  • Heating Element Specifically Designed for Barbecuing
  • Safe for Outdoor Cooking
  • Three Element Positions, Including Vertical for Indirect Rotisserie Cooking
  • 200 Square Inches of Usable Cooking Space
  • Heat Saving Reflector Pan
  • Handy Grease Pan
  • Standard 120-Volt Grounded Plug

grillMecco 9210 Electric Grill | $130 +Tax


  • 164 Square Inches of Usable Cooking Surface
  • Variable 1650-Watt Heating Element, UL-Listed for Outdoor Use
  • Handy Grease Cup
  • Standard 120-Volt Grounded Plug
  • Attractive Pedestal Base
  • Optional MECO Accessories
  • Hood and Bowl in Satin Black
  • w/o rotisserie

2Mecco 2120 Electric Grill | $80 +Tax


  • 176 Square Inches of Usable Cooking Surface
  • Double Hood Vents for Better Draft and Temperature Control
  • Interlocking Hood and Bowl
  • Stay-Cool Wooden Hood Handle
  • Finished with High Temperature Powder Paint in Red, Hunter Green, and Black
  • UL-Listed, 1650-Watt Heating Element